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Lesotho Premier League 2016/2017 Fixtures


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Week 6

Saturday, 8 October

Lioli v Sundawana (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

LDF v Likhopo (15:00, Ratjomose)

Matlama v Linare (15:00, Maseru)


Sunday, 9 October

Rovers v Sky Battalion (15:00, Roma)

LCS v Kick4Life (15:00, LCS)

Bantu v LMPS (15:00, Mafeteng)

Liphakoe v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Quthing)


Week 7

Saturday, 15 October

LMPS v LCS (15:00, PTC)

Likhopo v Matlama (15:00, LCS)

Sky Battalion v LDF (15:00, TBC)

Sunday, 16 October

Sundawana v Liphakoe (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Kick4Life v Linare (15:00, Maseru)

Lioli v Bantu (15:00, Setsoto Stadium)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Rovers (15:00, Butha-Buthe)


Week 8

Saturday, 22 October

Kick4Life v Lioli (15:00, Maseru)

Liphakoe v LMPS (15:00, Quthing)

LCS v Rovers (15:00, LCS)

Sunday, 23 October

LDF v Bantu (15:00, Ratjomose)

Matlama v Sundawana (15:00, Pitso Ground)

Linare v Butha-Buthe Warriors (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Likhopo v Sky Battalion (15:00, LCS)


Week 9

Saturday, 29 October

Bantu v Linare (15:00, Mafeteng)

Sundawana v Likhopo (15:00, Maputsoe DiFA Stadium)

Butha-Buthe Warriors v Sky Battalion (15:00, Butha-Buthe)

Sunday, 30 October

Rovers v Lioli (15:00, Roma)

LMPS v LDF (15:00, PTC)

LCS v Matlama (15:00, LCS)


Liphakoe v Kick4Life (15:00, Quthing)