TSENOLO FM was licensed by Lesotho Communication Authority on 5th November 2012 with 104.6 frequency. The station is owned by TSENOLO MEDIA SERVICES, was launched on 18 December 2012

The station presently covers the lowlands of Lesotho, as well as some highland areas and parts of the Free State- Republic of South Africa. Our station broadcast with three frequencies 104.6FM, 94.0fm and 89.3fm which cover the business belt of Lesotho


 T’senolo fm vision is to be a valued, vital and vibrant radio station that is indispensable to listeners' lives and empowers its audience by acquiring, producing and delivering high quality programming worthy of support, so that people get inspired to look at the world in different ways


Mission Statement

T’senolo fm mission is to provide a trusted source of information, programs and entertainment for curious and thoughtful people in efficient, sustainable ways that meet their needs while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the communities we serve.


Organization Motto 



The Core Values of the Organisation 

1. Our Audience Comes First

 We always strive to serve our audience better. We are committed to and engage our community in authentic and meaningful ways. We respect our audience

2. We Embrace Change and Encourage Innovation

We dedicate ourselves to growth and learning. We embrace the evolution of public radio, strategically plan for growth & change, and work in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, & excellence.  

3. Anything is Possible

We aim high and push ourselves to be the best at what we do. We want to work with people who push themselves to be the best.

4. Together we Build an Epic Workplace

We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective. We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large. We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive. 

5. Bring your Passion

We work at T’senolo fm because we want and choose to be here and not because we have to. Our passion drives teamwork and collaboration. Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.